SIGNING OF THE COOPERATION PROTOCOL BETWEEN THE Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto/ CITCEM – Transdisciplinary Reserch Centre “Culture, Space and Memory” and Stay to Talk – INSTITUTE OF CULTURAL IMMERSION

On the 19th of September 2022, the COOPERATION PROTOCOL was signed between the Faculty of Arts and HUmanities of University of Porto (FLUP) / CITCEM – Transdisciplinary reserach Centre “Culture, Space and Memory” and Stay to Talk – Institute for Cultural Immersion.

This protocol aims to develop collaboration in the fields of research, information and training, in the scientific, technological and academic fields.

With this agreement, Stay to Talk – Institute for Cultural Immersion reinforces one of its areas of action, research, a strand that includes knowledge of the local cultural context in a scientific way, the study and collection of cultural evidence, in order to affirm a social purpose, namely that of involving communities and contributing to local development, inclusion and social cohesion.

This cooperation will allow the promotion, encouragement and development of actions such as:

– Projects of a cultural nature;

– Sharing of information, documentation and publications;

– Organization of events, such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences, among others;

– Heritage classification and preservation processes, consultancy and technical assistance.