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Stay to Talk has high-qualified staff in (1) Translation Services, (2) Proofreading and (3) Text Editing.

We are able to provide translation services from Portuguese (PT) to the following languages ​​and vice versa:

Our client portfolio covers a large number of small and large companies, both national and international, as well as several private clients.

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Stay to Talk Instituto has a staff of teachers specialized in language teaching, whose service can be provided according to your needs, namely, via online and / or in person in the following languages:

A– Portuguese for foreigners

These learning sessions have a very practical component that allows you to have an experience of cultural immersion in the Portuguese language and culture.

 English or French for Portuguese

Learning sessions that can be held online or in person with a large practical component.

If deemed necessary, it is possible to certify the level they work at, as we prepare students / trainees for the proper final and certified evaluation in the entities recognized for this.

 Language Events

Since Stay to Talk is an institution that works in the areas of Portuguese Education and Culture, it gathers a technical team specialized in developing language events whose focus is (1) deepening the local culture, (2) the icebreaker, (3) the experience of immersion in culture, but with a strong language component that allows a first contact or slight deepening of the language. These events are extremely important for:

1 – Higher Education Institutions (study visits, welcoming of foreign groups, Erasmus students…)

2 – Companies (employees, welcoming of customer groups,…)
3 – Families (On vacation, celebrating special dates …)


According to your needs or the needs of your company, Stay to Talk is surrounded by skilled teams that bring together the necessary know-how to present you with the best learning / training solution.

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Some of our customers


TâmegaSousa Business Sunset

Documentary “Harvest Lives” at Dolmen


Cultural Tour Sintra – Third-Age University of Amarante
08/06/2019 e 09/06/2019

Route Tiago Vieira – Mário Cláudio

Narrative of Fado – Amália
16/11/2019 e 30/11/2019

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During the months of February and March 2021, in the middle of the pandemic season COVID-19, the Stay to Talk Institute was privileged to be invited to enter the world of the Hon. Commander José Joaquim Gonçalves de Abreu.
The smell of mold, the dust that was felt between the fingers, the cobwebs that were meeting showed a world that had stopped in time, a world stagnant in the paper and in the photos. Each time a file was opened, a notebook, an envelope, a letter were moments of suspense and of reliving yet another family, political or even business scene in which the protagonist was the unavoidable personality of Amarante and Portugal.


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