Stay to Talk Community



The Stay to Talk community is made up of individual, public and / or private entities, who appreciate local knowledge and development, and who join us and make it happen with a spirit of cooperation towards a Common Goal, that is providing everyone the opportunity to benefit from the social and financial advantages that tourism can bring to the community as long as we are organized in a network.

1- What are we building? A Network of Community Cultural Agents (RACC)

RACC is a network made up of individuals, associations, public and private institutions that partner with us in order to identify their talent to put it to work in this area of ​​sustainable tourism implemented on a community basis. Each one identifies his talent, namely, local cultural knowledge, agricultural, harvest dates, handicrafts, dates of the rehearsal of the folkloric ranch, among other examples, houses with tourist interest and that are available to receive visitors.

2 – How are we doing to identify these partners?

Since 2019 we have been holding Stay to Talk Gatherings, community meetings in partnership with councils, with the goal to:

1 – Invite people who are interested in having social and financial benefits with the influx of tourism to enrol in the RACC;

2 – Invite them to have a little training in welcoming the tourist;

3 – Join the development of Cultural Immersion Corridors in which tourists, when carrying out Cultural Immersion Activities, get to know the best that is done in our place.


3.1 – Stay to Talk Gatherings – Cultural Meetings with communities to talk about their places and their talents and where, at the same time, the invitation to join the RACC in open.

3.2 – #Fiqueemcasaparafalarde – An online program that arose in response to the pandemic context, whose objective is, essentially, to keep in touch with the community in order to work in cooperation and identify the best that the different place have to be visited.

3.3 – Social Events – Events for the community, among others, European Heritage Days.

4 – Acknowledgments

Stay to Talk’s social work was recognized by the GOVINT- Forum for Integrated Governance, which established an informal collaborative network of public and private institutions that studies, reflects and acts on complex problems, promoting integrated governance models – addresses all / citizens and all organizations.


5 – Accept the invitation and join our Network of Community cultural Agents (RACC):