“On the route of the Artists: exploring the Beauty”


A Thematic Itinerary in which you are challenged to feel the north of Portugal and to experience, with the locals, the life and work of six artists who marked on paper, through their writing and / or illustration, their experiences, their feelings , their stories, their colors, the essence of the local identity.

Stay to Talk Instituto challenges you to feel these territories and its people with the five senses, to admire ancestral landscapes, to hear loud words, memorable flavors and smells and to get your hands dirty and, among other examples, to feel the texture of the blanket still on the loom or of a bread before it goes into the oven.

We believe that after the Route or, if you prefer, after trying one of the six routes you will be richer, more creative, and more sensitive to art and everything that surrounds you, as you will get to know these artists, their favorite places, as well as some stories and experiences that once linked them.

Follow the ARTIST’s Route



Enter this ARTISTIC CULTURAL IMMERSION JOURNEY, connecting places of learning from the coast to the countryside, which aims to perpetuate the memory of some distinguished personalities, people and territories. Set out to discover material and immaterial heritage and discover the life and work of six artists from the North of Portugal. Be a part of this journey.

We challenge you to find, experience and share the Beautiful. As stated by Carlos Ceia (2009) the beautiful is not an absolute and untouchable reality by the human: the beautiful is the result of the human work carried out in the community, so find this beautiful here in different areas such as: nature, painting, literature, gastronomy, music, and other areas that make sense to you and share with us in a written or photographic record.

Igreja S. Gonçalo



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